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TRURO 12th March 2007

Protest against the Loving Cup tour of English towns.


Bruno Peek as part of the Pro-English Loving Cup tour brought his ceremony to Truro, the only Celtic town to be included. Many emails and letters of protest were sent to both Mr. Peek and Truro City authorities, including the Mayor himself asking for this English celebration of St George to be called off.

Mike Chapell of the Kernow branch of the Celtic League in alliance with many pro-Cornish groups arranged a protest meeting outside Truro City Hall on the day. Over forty protesters attended despite being set for 8.30am on a cold March monday.

A high level of security was set in place by the authorities and Cornish supporters had received death threats by email. Threats of arrest made to certain protesters if they chose to turn up were considered over the top by the peaceful Cornish groups planning to attend.

The deputy Mayor of Truro refused to attend and instead offered her support to the patriotic Cornish groups who turned up to protest against this English celebration of St George.

Kernow Bys Vyken..



Bruno Peek - a worried man meets the Cornish Crowd.

People of all ages and background show they will not tolerate such blatant displays of English imperialism in Kernow.

A Cornish Stannary Parliament official reminding Bruno Peek why his fiasco is not welcome in Cornwall.

The Loving Cup tour of fifty English cities finishes on St George's day in London.

The flag of St George, known affectionately to many Cornish as the 'Butchers Apron' was declared void 300 years ago when it was incorporated into the Union Jack. The increased use of the Cross of St George in the UK is a sign of the ever increasing English Nationalist movement.



Proud young Cornishman making his objections known.

Bruno Peek involving Cornish children in his promotion
of the Loving Cup tour fiasco.

Flyer were handed out to passers by, many offered words of support. A strong press presence was visable although very little was reported about why some people of Cornwall find such blatent displays of 'Englishness' an insult to their Celtic culture.


"Kernow has never gone away..

..only ignored.



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