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TRURO 2nd Jan 2007

Equality before the law....2pm


CSP members, after months of research have put together a legally applicable demand to restrict the 'rights and privileges' of the Duke of Cornwall, HRH The Prince of Wales, Charles Windsor Esq. in his unusual and unquestionable role within the Duchy

While UK government and legal systems seem content with the issues concerning Cornish people...

..the laws of Europe have moved more

The year 2007 sees the next anniversary of Cornish Independence ..and the beginning of a potential new force in Cornish attitude and thinking;

A state of mind re-empowered by the support of a legal system which incorporates both equality before the law and a natural understanding of 'collective' community spirit that begets an ancient culture.

2007 - The year of taking back.. Old laws die hard..

Make a presence 2nd Jan 07 - Street or internet.

Kernow Bys Vyken..

The Cornish Stannary parliament "we welcome your support"




"Kernow has never gone away..

..only ignored.



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